One of my favorite things about quilting is texture. I love playing with it and seeing what can happen. I always love the inside of a quilt - all those seams going in different directions - but then when it's time to finish the quilt, they disappear forever. 

So what if they don't have to?

I made the Inside Out Quilt to play with the idea of texture on the outside of a quilt.

I'm all about using scraps whenever possible, and I like to think of fabric as paint. I'll show you how to use color to blend your scraps in beautiful ways. Even if the scraps aren't from fabrics you like.

Course curriculum

    1. Intro

    2. Supplies Needed

    1. A Word About Scraps

    2. Color Families

    3. Scrap Organization

    1. Monochrome/Randomized

    2. Color Wash

    3. Making Your Quilt Plan

    1. The Fabric Pull

    2. Cutting Your Fabric

    3. Piecing

    1. Backing and Batting

    2. Basting

    1. Domestic Machine Quilting

    2. Longarm Machine Quilting

    3. Hand Quilting

About this course

  • $45.00
  • 19 lessons


  • Isn't this the same as a rag quilt?

    Not at all! These quilts use your quilting cotton scraps, not flannel. I've designed them so that some of the seams are inside while others are exposed.

  • Is it going to fall apart? It looks like a lot of fraying.

    It does fray, and that's exactly the point - the visual and physical texture of this quilt is incredible. But it will not fall apart - I teach a specific way to piece and quilt it so that everything stays intact while providing the softest finish.

  • What if my scraps don't look good together?

    I teach you how to use scraps that you may not think will work together! I have so much leftover fabric from multiple other projects, and these quilts are a perfect way to clear out your scrap bins.

Allie McCathren


Allie is an artist with a degree in marine biology. She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and three sons. Allie loves to experiment with fabric, and often times biology and science find their way into her work, whether or not she intends it.