Something Different

I teamed up with my dear friend Christina Sizemore (Chris) to write this course.

We wanted a way to make a t-shirt quilt that felt more like a scrappy quilt and less like large squares of shirts put together.

One thing that was important to use was the idea of maximizing comfort - arguably the best part about a t-shirt. So with that in mind, both of the quilt patterns included in this class are pieced using NO FUSIBLE!

Required: A domestic (home) sewing machine and a walking foot/dual feed foot

Course curriculum

    1. Why a Fussy T-Shirt Quilt?

    2. Shirts are Just Fabric

    3. Supplies


    1. Choosing Your Pattern

    2. Color Design

    1. Deconstruction

    2. We're Not Fusing?

    1. Fussy Cutting the Modularity Pattern

    2. Fussy Cutting the Starburst Quilt

    3. Piecing Jersey - Tips and Tricks

    1. Jersey for the Back Too?

    2. Pieced Backing Using Jersey

    1. Basting

    2. Machine Quilting (Straight Line)

    3. Hand Quilting

About this course

  • $45.00
  • 18 lessons

“I’d been wanting to make a t-shirt quilt for a long time but none of the things I could find on the internet looked at all appealing; big boring squares with nothing uniting them. I also really didn’t want to make things stiff with interfacing. I admit I did my own thing when it came to the pattern, but that has nothing at all to do with your fab class. It really is a lovely soft squishy quilt now that I’m done with it. I want to make another one right away.”



  • Is it really pieced with no fusible at all?

    Yes! With careful cutting and the right tools, these quilts are easier to make and more comfortable than ever.

  • None of my shirts look like they belong together. Will they work in a quilt?

    Yes! We designed the Modularity pattern for just this purpose. We use design techniques from other areas of quilting to help you lay out your quilt for maximum visual interest while keeping all of the memories.

  • It looks like you cut through the middle of some shirts. Do I have to do that?

    Not at all! Cut your shirts to your comfort level. The Starburst pattern is designed for keeping larger shirts and logos intact.